Saturday, April 02, 2011


A resource most people may not be aware of is your local Asian Market.
Yesterday I was visiting one of my local Asian Markets with my girlfriend and I naturally shot straight to to the Tea Isle! Behold, tea from all over the Orient was right in front of me. I bought three teas from China, one White Tea and two Green Teas.

The tea pictured on the right was one of the cheapest teas there, a Chinese Gunpowder Green Tea, and this box of 250 grams was only $1.25.

I've already had cups from the other two teas I bought and I'll post them here shortly, but I'm drinking a cup of this Chinese Gunpowder Green Tea right now and I'm shocked at the great taste of the tea from the price I paid for the tea. Grant it that this tea does not have the quality of the single estate teas I regularly enjoy, but for this price and good quality of this tea makes it a very good tea to keep on hand to just drink when you can't sit back and relax and enjoy a good cup of tea.

So, don't neglect your resources at hand, there is a gold mind of teas in your own neighborhood... explore and experiment and you may be truly surprised!

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