Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Namring Estate FTGFOP1 Second Flush

I bought this Darjeeling Tea as part of a sampler package from Uptown Tea Importers

Here is an image of the tea from the website:

I find this tea a strong cup with a lingering finish. I've always loved strong teas, and this Darjeeling ranks about medium strong in its taste. Most Darjeeling Teas are not this strong, but you can tell it is an Darjeeling Tea, but you may mistake is for an Assam Tea due to it's hints of cocoa you may taste.

I am enjoying a cup of this tea right now, but when I finish the order I doubt I'll reorder this particular tea.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Giddapahar Estate SFTGFOP1

This tea from Upton Tea Imports that I bought in my last shipment from them last week called Giddapahar Estate SFTGFOP1 happens to be one of the most complex Darjeeling Teas I have ever tasted. The Upton Tea Imports sites claims the taste of this tea has an "aroma is of tropical fruit/banana with a hint of flowers and asparagus. The flavor has notes of green banana with a hint of tobacco and a sharp, clean finish." I happen to detect the banana like flavor, but everything else is to mixed up to really get a hand upon.

Here is a picture from the site:

I like the colors of these leaves, and they brew a medium dark liquor and the clean finish really is not there,

Sadly I must say that this is the first Darjeeling Tea that I'm disappointed with, ever.

My recommendation is to try other Darjeeling Teas, for no other has disappointed me before.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Turzum Estate SFTGFOP1 Cl. Second Flush


I'm back!

I just received this tea from my favorite tea importers, Upton Tea Importers. The tea is Turzum Estate SFTGFOP1 Cl. Second Flush.

Here is a picture from the site:
As you may as well know, I love Darjeeling Teas, and this second flush tea from the Turzum Estate is surprisingly strong with a lingering finish. The site said that this tea is a "...dark, rich cup with toasty flavor notes and hints of ripe grapes. The finish has a light sweetness, balanced by a hint of mace."

Maybe the "mace" is what is keeping the flavor lingering, but don't get me wrong, it is very enjoyable to sip on this tea because I can savor this cup for a long time.

I will enjoy this tea indeed for the next few weeks, and hopefully Upton will have more instock when I reorder.

And remember that Upton personalizes your tea labels. :-)

Until next time, and hopefully much sooner, like in a day or two.