Sunday, September 07, 2008

First Review from Just4Tea

Last night during the Florida Gator and Miami Hurricane Football game I tried the sample of Jasmine Bloom from Just4Tea.

I noticed that this tea was a white tea (my weakness) and was very neat to see a "art tea" for the first time personally. As I watched it infuse with the water heated just below boiling, I saw the leaves open up and seeing the Jasmine bloom in the center of the tea ball was really cool to watch (and it was halftime by the way, I would not have my eyes off the Gators destroying an oponent for one moment). Because of the single serving glass infuser I was using it was covered so I could not smell the aroma as the tea was steaping, but after four or five minutes when the tea was finished I opened the top and I smelled the aroma and it was very pleasing. I mainly drink unflavered teas but the jasmione in this white tea was not overpowering like in some green teas and did not hurt the flavor of the white tea at all.

All in all I really enjoyed the tea, and I will buy some more real soon.
The taste was not as nutty as a white tea, but just a noticable on the first sip that the tea is a white tea. I kind of think it could be compaired to most "silver" white teas, and the jasmine was just a hint in the glass to the taste, but was noticable in the aroma. Plus a very clean finish.

Thank you Just4Tea that sample you sent me was very refreshing and I will try the other maybe after work tomorrow.

Friday, September 05, 2008

I got my sample tea today

Back on July 21, 2008 I ordered some free tea samples from Just4Tea and I received them today.

I received a sample of Jasmine Bloom and Dragon Well (I assume it's the ones linked here).

I'm glad tomorrow is a Saturday, and I'll be home all day upgrading a computer for my son so I'll steep these and give them the good old taste test. I can't wait.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Politics and Tea?

From a post here at Tea Guy Speaks, Mr. William I. Lengeman III could not pass up the chance to support his messiah, Barack Hussein Obama, with articles from the Daily Kos, and other very left wing (and uncreditable) sources buy using tea as a soure for making a post.


I asked him to remove my links from his blog.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Here is one from Upton's Tea called Arya FTGFOP1. The discription on Upton's site states:

The rich amber liquor has a robust flavor, with a characteristic Darjeeling pungency. The flavor has intriguing nutty notes, with nuances of ripe apples and red grapes.

As a Darjeeling Tea lover all I have is praises for this single estate tea. This tea is also organically grown which is something I am coming to like more and more of and search for the organic label on the teas I purchase for I can tell in the taste if there were any foreign substances used in the growing of the tea or not.

The pungency of this tea is very classic in Darjeeling style, and has a clean finish.

So I'm off to steep another pot.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I found a new tea seller...

And I requested a sample that they offered for tea blogers, so I am looking forward to the samples from