Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Phuguri Estate FTGFOP1S Cl. Tips First Flush

Full Leaf

Close Up
Another great gem from Upton Tea where I buy about 90% of my tea.
Thia Phuguri Estate FTGFOP1S Cl. Tips First Flush's aroma hit me first when I opened up my new tin and I told myself that this tea needs to be served in my Yixing Teapot. No mistake there! This tea is just exquisite in aroma before and after being steeped. The aroma is kind of fruity but quickly shadowed by the quality freshness in this first flush (spring time harvesting) grade.

After steeping a pot, the taste is slightly astringent with a clean finish. The notes of fruitiness is in every sip, and very pleasing to the palate.

As I said earlier in this blog, I broke out my Yixing Teapot, and only select Darjeeling Teas ever go into my Yixing Teapot, I'm glad to say this Darjeeling Tea will grace my Yixing Teapot with every steeping.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

My Trip To Teavana Today.

Samurai Chai Mate Tea

White Ayurvedic Chai Tea
Today I was walking around the Altamonte Mall with my son, and I walked by a Teavana and they had some samples of fresh brewed tea to taste.

Today one of the samples we a blend of two teas, a Maté and a White Tea, both infused with Chai spices. The two mixed together into this well and robust Chai that was so good!

A "Maté" is truly not a real Tea, but rather a species of holly with a caffeine content that will put coffee to shame!

The White Tea is almost caffeine free, to the 50-50 blend of these two teas cuts the caffeine in just about half.

I'm enjoying a cup right now straight up, and later cups I'll try with milk and or honey.

This is a great find for Chai loves like me!