Saturday, May 07, 2011

My Trip To Teavana Today.

Samurai Chai Mate Tea

White Ayurvedic Chai Tea
Today I was walking around the Altamonte Mall with my son, and I walked by a Teavana and they had some samples of fresh brewed tea to taste.

Today one of the samples we a blend of two teas, a Maté and a White Tea, both infused with Chai spices. The two mixed together into this well and robust Chai that was so good!

A "Maté" is truly not a real Tea, but rather a species of holly with a caffeine content that will put coffee to shame!

The White Tea is almost caffeine free, to the 50-50 blend of these two teas cuts the caffeine in just about half.

I'm enjoying a cup right now straight up, and later cups I'll try with milk and or honey.

This is a great find for Chai loves like me!

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ahnn said...

This blend is very interesting. I never tried one but definitely I will. Glad that I found your post.

Caffeine Free tea