Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Organic Queen's Namsang

I just bought five different teas from a company I have never bought tea from before (Assam Tea Company). I am surprised by the good quality of these teas, and after receiving the teas today I have already tried two of the five I ordered. The first tea I tried was the Organic Queen's Namsang - Rani Tea Estate, Lower Assam. On their website the claim that this tea is "A smooth drink, this batch of Namsang offers a spicy biscuity bouquet, and a very rounded cup. This tea is not brisky, making it perfect for an evening brew." I agree with their taster's comments, but I do believe that this tea is better suited for a morning brew due to it's full body. The cup has a clean finish and is very smooth with a very dark appearance. It's just my opinion that a lighter tea is more suited for the evening.

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