Thursday, November 09, 2006

White Darjeeling

I just bought this tea online and received the shipment today. I am now drinking a pot of this White Darjeeling Tea out of my new Yixing Tea Pot. I have grown receintly to truly love white teas and out of all teas the tea grown in the Darjeeling province if India have always been my favorite teas to drink. This however is my first batch of Darjeeling White Tea I have ever received before, and I must say that this is most defiantly the best pot of tea I have ever had.

If anyone else has a liking for white teas, I would highly suggest that you invest in a white tea from the Darjeeling province in India!

The tea has a light flavor, like most Darjeeling teas, and is not as "nutty" as most white teas, and the finish is not clean, but has a very pleasant light lingering that is relaxing to me.


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