Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ceylon Sonata

I ordered this tin of tea called Ceylon Sonata from Adagio Teas a few weeks ago.

For the price this tea is a good buy, but I believe this tea is better suited for your average "Lipton" or "Tetley" tea drinkers. Don't get me wrong, this tea is a high quality tea that is far better than your "Lipton" or "Tetley" teas, it's just that I believe that the average person who does not have a "taste" for premium teas would find this tea a better choice for a starter tea per se.

And just so that I don't sound to unfair about this tea, this is the second time I have ordered this tea from Adagio.

I would also recommend this tea for mornings, and this is one of the few teas I would consider adding sugar, honey and/or milk to give you a different taste. (There are very few teas what I'd add anything to, for I like my teas pure)

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