Saturday, January 06, 2007

Darjeeling Premium

Well, as I've stated before my favorite teas are from the Darjeeling province of India. The teas that are grown in Darjeeling are grown at a very high elevation around 750 - 2000 meters in century old Tea Gardens. So these teas are usually the best teas you can get (in my opinion).

I bought this Darjeeling Black Tea from TFactor Teas a few weeks back, and it has a simple name of "Darjeeling Premium".

I drink Black, Green and White Darjeeling Teas all of the time (every day), so my taste for a good quality Darjeeling is very discerning.

This Darjeeling Premium Tea has the signature muscatel aftertaste (most likely the reason Darjeeling Teas are my favorite) like most Darjeeling Teas have. This tea is a bit stronger than most Darjeeling Teas, but is still suitable to drink any time of the day.

Now as I finish up this little blog note on Darjeeling Premium, I'm off to go steep myself another cup!

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